Jred is a member of the Quileute tribe, and a shape-shifter. He belongs to Sam Uley's Pack, and is imprinted to a school friend called Kim.

Jared is said to have the best eyesight in the pack, and he lead the way in chasing Victoria in New Moon, keeping an eye on her.

[edit] Appearance

As a human, Jared is described as having long, rounded muscles, red brown skin, and cropped black hair.

Wolf Form As a wolf, Jared is described as having brown hair, being gigantic, swift, and not as tall as Sam. He also is said to have short, but thick, brown fur.

[edit] Personality

Jared is a gambler and makes several bets with Embry in New Moon. Though Jared's personality is never really explored in the novels, he remains somewhat of a background character.

[edit] Film Portrayal

Bronson Pelletier plays the character Jared in New Moon, and reprised his role in Eclipse. Bronson confirmed on Operation Smile Gala 2010 that he has signed a contract to reprise his role in Breaking Dawn.

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