This page is about the term, coven. For examples of mates, see the coven list.

A coven is a term for a group of three or more vampires living together at any one time. Vampires usually travel around on their own or in pairs with their mates (a vampiric lover).

It is thought that the reason behind this could be that since most vampires drink human blood, they can become quite irritable and erratic at times and this is why most don't stay together in larger groups and often split up into smaller ones. If this theory is correct, this could be why the Olympic Coven and the Denali Coven are successful, as both of these are strictly vegetarian in their diets (they only drink the blood of animals). However, an exception to this rule is the Volturi as the entirety of their coven drinks the blood of humans.

Another reason covens are not very common in the vampiric world is that vampires do not want to intentionally drive attention to themselves, and the more persons' involved, the harder it is to stay unknown throughout the human world.

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