Alice Cullen

Alice Cullen
Alice Cullen
Died N/A
First appearance Twilight
Last appearance Breaking Dawn
Daughter of Unknown
Married to Jasper Hale
Married name Alice Hale
Species Vampire
Created 1920 by unknown
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Golden (vampire)
Black (when thirsty
Skin colour Pale
Family members Carlisle Cullen - Adoptive father

Esme Cullen - Adoptive mother
Jasper Hale - Husband
Edward Cullen - Adoptive brother
Emmett Cullen - Adoptive brother
Rosalie Hale - Adoptive sister
Bella Cullen - Adoptive sister-in-law
Renesmee Cullen - Adoptive niece
Cynthia Brandon - Sister

Unknown - Niece
Loyalty Olympic Coven

Alice Cullen is a member of the Olympic Coven. She is a loveable, lively girl who becomes best friends with Bella Swan.


[edit] Appearance and Personality

Alice is described as a charming girl with "pixie like" features and short, spiky hair. Like all of the Cullens, she has dark purple circles under her eyes, and has skin 'pale as a sheet'. She is the smallest of the family coven being about 4'10" and extremely thin.

Alice is described as a small, pixie-like vampire, whose very optimistic. Her power enables her to do things her own way with an excuse. She loves to make things look pretty, she loves decorating and throwing parties, dressing Bella up and shopping.

[edit] Abilities

Alice is able to predict certain events in the future in the form of visions. However, we learn that what she sees is only what could happen, and if a person changes their mind, the outcomes changes at that time too. For example, she see's when Edward decides to go to the Volturi to end his life.

She also has the usual vampiric tendancies, such as speed, strength, agility, overwhelming beauty and she is specifically gracious.

[edit] Family

Alice is adopted, as all of the Cullen "children" are. She is the adoptive daughter to Carlisle and Esme Cullen, adoptive sister to Edward and Emmett Cullen and Rosalie Hale. She is also wife to Jasper Hale and becomes sister-in-law to Bella Cullen and aunt to Renesmee Cullen. After research, she also finds out she has an unknown biological sister called Cynthia Brandon.

[edit] Enemies

It is not known whether or not Alice has any specific enemies.

[edit] Casting

Ashley Greene portrayed Alice Cullen in the films Twilight and Eclipse.

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