The word Alpha was coined by Bella Swan to represent the leader of a pack of shape-shifters.

The second in command is nick-named a "Beta".

[edit] Responsibilities and abilities

As in the animal kingdom, an Alpha is accountable for all of their pack. In the Saga, an Alpha is expected to be in charge of the whole tribe, and should also try to look after all of the mortal humans in the surrounding area, also. They must control the whole pack, which can be hard thing to do, as most shape-shifters are in their teen years, and are quite rebellious. However, Alphas own a charge over their pack mates as if they command something, the wolves of the pack must comply, whether they like it or not. For example, in Breaking Dawn, when Sam enforces the law that none of the wolves must tell any non-tribal people about their secret.

[edit] Known Alphas

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