Amazon Coven

Amazon Coven
Last appearance Breaking Dawn (Only appearance)
Species Vampire
Allies Olympic Coven
Enemies Unknown
Coven members Zafrina



The Amazon Coven is first seen in Stephenie Meyer's final Twilight Saga book: Breaking Dawn. After Irina betrays the Olympic Coven after believing that newly-born vampire-human hybrid, Renesmee, child of Edward and Bella Cullen was an immortal child, a pure vampire changed before it can control its thirst or be reasoned with. The Volturi came to examine the allegation then destroy the coven for the offence and to kill the child. The Cullens split up and gather nomads and other covens, and it is because of this the reader meets the Amazons.

The Amazon Coven are described as "wild looking" women, and possibly the cause for the human legend of the Amazon female warriors of great ferocity.

Zafrina is the only member of the coven to posess an extra supernatural talent: she can block other people's sight by showing them the images she wants them to see: either good or bad images, or just make them feel blind.

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