Died N/A
First appearance Breaking Dawn
Last appearance Breaking Dawn Single appearance
Son of Unknown
Married to Kebi
Species Vampire
Created Unknown date
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Red (Vampire)
Black (when thirsty)
Skin colour Olive
Family members Kebi - Wife

Benjamin - Coven mate

Tia - Coven mate
Loyalty Egyptian Coven

Amun is the leader of the Egyptian Coven. We first meet himself and his family in the last book of the series, Breaking Dawn. He and his coven come to aid theCullen family in their desperate endeavor to save Renesmee Cullen from the hands of the Volturi as she is not an Immortal child. However, he only stayed to testify, and left confrontation as he is very distrustful and thought that Carlisle Cullen was attempting to "steal" members of his own coven.

He created the young vampire of his coven, Benjamin and is extremely protective of him. This is because of Bens' ability to control the elements. He knows that he is a very remarkable vampire, and has become very wary of other covens and their efforts to "acquire" the boy. Although he went to the Cullens side to assist Renesmee's saviour, he made very sure that the Volturi, especially Aro did not see Benjamin and although he did not try to hide Ben from Carlisle, he was still very suspicious of his friend.


[edit] Appearance and Personality

Amun is described by Stephenie Meyer as having dark hair and being of olive pallor. He is known to be distrustful, very outspoken and controlling.

[edit] Abilities

He has no special abilities of his own, but Amun has the basic vampiric abilities that all of his species has.

This is thought to be one of the reasons he treasures Benjamin, a member of his coven, so much.

[edit] Family

Kebi, is Amun's known wife and vampiric mate. He doesn't have any blood family surviving and nothing is known about the deceased, but he has two coven mates, Benjamin and Tia, who are also mates.

[edit] Enemies

It is not known whether he has any personal enemies, although it is thought that anyone who would like to use Ben, or would like Benjamin to become a member of their own coven is a perceived as a threat in Amuns eyes.

[edit] Casting

It is not yet known who will portray Amun in the upcoming film Breaking Dawn.

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