Benjamin is a member of the Egyptian Coven. His unique special talent enables him to physically influence the elements: fire, water, earth, and air.

== Appearance ==

He is described as a young boyish-looking vampire with midnight hair, olive pallor, and an oddly cheerful look.

== History ==

Benjamin was created by Amun as part of his coven because he knew that Benjamin would be special. Amun is very fearful of losing Benjamin, either to another coven or to the Volturi. Benjamin is very independent and refuses to be moulded into a weapon, which is what his creator, Amun, wants him to be. Benjamin also has a mate, named Tia.

In Breaking Dawn, Benjamin, after meeting Renesmee, became determined to see that the Cullens survive. Amun was furious at Carlisle, accusing him of trying to steal Benjamin from him. Benjamin was furious at Amun, and threatened to leave his coven for real if he didn't stop.

[edit] Film Portrayal

Rami Malek is cast as Benjamin for the Breaking Dawn movies.

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