Died N/A
First appearance Breaking Dawn (Bella and Edwards's wedding)
Last appearance Breaking Dawn (Witness to the Volturi)
Daughter of Unknown
Mate Eleazar
Species Vampire
Created Unknown
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Golden (vampire)
Black (when thirsty)
Skin colour Pale
Family members Eleazar - Mate

Tanya - Coven mate
Irina - Coven mate (deceased)
Laurent - Coven mate (deceased)
Kate - Coven mate

Garrett - Coven mate
Loyalty Denali Coven

Carmen is the mate of Eleazar. The pair came from Spain, and after Eleazar left the Volturi (because of the coven's unscrupulous dieting habits and) to be with her, they both left to join the three Denali Sisters and formed the Denali Coven with them.

As all of the members of the Denali Coven, Carmen is a vegetarian, which means that she only drinks the blood of animals, not that of humans. Edward described Carmen as a "compassionate soul" and stated that if Carmen and her mate had never found the Denali Coven and stumbled upon the vegetarian life-style, they would have found another way to avoid human blood.


[edit] Appearance and Personality

As well as being a "compassionate soul", Carmen is also thought to be a very bold character who is willing to see the best in the people she comes across. This is because in Breaking Dawn, when she comes to visit the Cullen household with the rest of her family to aid their "cousins" in their stand-up to the Volturi about proving that little Renesmee is not a immortal child, she was one of the first to become witness to Renesmee, in spite of her families indignation in her doing so.

[edit] Abilities

Carmen only possesses the basic vampiric abilities.

[edit] Family

None of her original family still live, but Carmen has her mate, Eleazar, and coven mates: Irina, Tanya, Kate and Garrett.
For a short time, she was also coven mates with Laurent, Irina's mate.

[edit] Casting

It is not yet known whether Carmen will appear in the upcoming Twilight movies, but it is very strongly thought that she will.

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