Charlie Swan

Charlie Swan
Charlie Swan
Died N/A
First appearance Twilight
Last appearance Breaking Dawn
Son of Geoffrey Swan
Helen Swan
Divorced from Renée Dwyer
Species Human
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Chocolate brown
Skin colour Pale
Family members Geoffrey Swan - Father

Helen Swan - Mother
Renée Dwyer - Ex-wife
Bella Swan - Daughter
Edward Cullen - Son-in-law

Renesmee Cullen - Grand-daughter

Charlie Swan is the father of Bella Swan and ex husband of Renée Dwyer. He is first meantioned in the book Twilight, when is is taking Bella to his house to live with him. His main role in the series is to protect and care for Bella as any human father would.

Renée and Charlie married very young and settled down too quick. Baby Bella was the only thing to mend the rift between them and even that was only temporary. Renée was not ready to give up life as a wildthing and left Charlie in Forks, taking Bella with her. Charlie was heart broken, and Bella notices that Charlie never really has moved on.


[edit] Appearance and Personality

Charlie is the small town's Police Chief and is an authoritive figure in the town because of this. He stands tall and at an average weight, with curly brown hair (which is straight and cut short in the movies) and chocolate brown eyes, similar to Bella. One of the first things Bella says about Charlie is that he "doesn't hover". In parts of the series, he can become very awkward, but he does all the necessary "dad-things" including some bumbling conversations with Bella about boyfriends, kissing and sex. Charlie is very protective of his daughter.

[edit] Abilities

As Charlie is a human, he has no known abilities.

[edit] Family

Loving father to Bella Swan and ex-husband to Renée Dwyer. He is also best friend to Billy Black and becomes father-in-law to Edward Cullen and grand-father to baby Renesmee in Breaking Dawn.

[edit] Enemies

Edward manages to anger Charlie many times throughout the course of the books, when he leaves and Bella becomes severly depressed for instance, but he always forgives him because he knows Bella loves him.

[edit] Casting

William Albert "Billy" Burke plays Charlie in the films Twilight and New Moon.

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