Demetri is a member of the Volturi, and an exceptional tracker, his talent overshadowing Alistair's and James' tracking abilities.


[edit] New Moon

Demetri makes his first appearance in New Moon, coming to bring Edward and Bella to Aro with Felix and Jane. During their confrontation with the Volturi leaders, Demetri is left on the sidelines to observe their conversation.

[edit] Eclipse

While making no official physical appearance in Eclipse, he is assumed to be with the guard sent to Forks to dispose of Victoria's newborn army.

[edit] Breaking Dawn

He is an immense threat towards the Cullens' survival in Breaking Dawn, as he could trace all of them, except Bella, if they managed to escape during the confrontation with the Volturi over Renesmee Cullen. Demetri can not find Bella because of her mental shield.

[edit] Appearance

In the books, Demetri is described as having an olive complexion with a chalky pallor, and black hair that reaches his shoulders. He is described as tall and lean.

Bella also described Demetri in Breaking Dawn as being hard and lean as the blade of a sword remembering him what he looked like the last time she meet him in New Moon.

[edit] Film Portrayal

Charlie Bewley portrayed Demetri in New Moon and Eclipse films. Charlie will reprise the role in Breaking Dawn.

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