Denali Coven

Denali Coven
Last appearance Breaking Dawn
Species Vampire
Diet Vegetarian
Allies Olympic Coven
Enemies Unknown
Coven members Sasha deceased

Irina deceased
Laurent deceased
Vasilii deceased


The Denali Coven is the second biggest known vegetarian coven (this means that they drink the blood of animals rather than humans). After their close friends the Cullens, who have adopted the same diet, and the Volturi, a big ancient vampiric coven, they are the biggest coven known to the mystical world of Twilight, written by Stephenie Meyer. Located in Denali, Alaska, the coven find it easy, like the Cullens to blend in with the humans as it is rarely sunny.

The current members of the coven are Tanya and Kate, Garrett, Carmen and Eleazar, which is drastically different to when it first formed with Sasha and her so-called "daughters" - the Denali sisters: Tanya, Irina and Kate. However, unknown to the sisters, Sasha turned a young child, named Vasilii - creating an immortal child. When a baby or young child is "created" (turned into a vampire) like this, they do not have the strength or common sense to control themselves around humans because of their blood, and this could lead to the possible exposure of vampires to the human race, which is something the Volturi would prevent from happening at all costs. Once the Volturi had caught wind of the immortal child, they set off to kill him and the entire Denali Coven, but, because the sisters knew nothing of the wrong-doing on their mothers part, they were spared. Sasha got burned to death, with little Vasilii in her arms.

Some time after this, Eleazar left the Volturi coven and travelled around with new found mate Carmen until they found the Denali's, who seemed to have a modern way of living, being vegetarian. This suited the couple better than the savagery of the Volturi, and they decided to stay.

It is not known exactly when, but at some point subsequent to this, the Cullens and the Denali's met, and have since become great allies in many fights. The two covens are so close that they think of each other as "extended family", and often refer to their Washington counterparts as their cousins. In addition to this, before the times of Bella Swan, Tanya developed romantic feelings towards Edward Cullen, an original member of the Olympic Coven. Edward, however, did not encourage nor mirror these emotions towards the woman.

Sometime in 2005, after splitting from James and Victoria (Book one, Twilight), Laurent came to join the Denali's, after he had heard a word about them from the Cullens. He and Irina fell in love and became mates, the vampiric version of a soul mate. However, animal blood diet was not for him as he was so used to that of humans and he quickly left to do some scouting for ex-coven mate, Victoria. He was killed by a pack of shape-shifters in Forks whilst on the look-out for Bella Swan in the meadow.

Irina became very bitter towards the Cullens because of Laurent's death and their being allies with the wolves and ever stoops so low as to betray them in the last book of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, when Renesmee Cullen is born. Irina saw Renesmee in the forest, and immediately assumed she was an immortal child, like her brother was and so informs the Volturi. Although when the ancient coven came to dispose of Renesmee and the rest of the Olympic Coven and found out the child was but a hybrid, they executed Irina.

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