Edward Masen Senior

Edward Masen Senior
Died 1918
First appearance Referred to in New Moon (Only reference)
Son of Unknown
Married to Elizabeth Masen
Species Human
Hair colour Unknown
Eye colour Unknown (suspected to have been green)
Skin colour Unknown
Family members Elizabeth Masen - Wife

Edward Cullen - Son
Bella Cullen - Daughter-in-law

Renesmee Cullen - Paternal grand-daughter

Edward Masen Senior is the biological father of Edward Cullen, husband to Elizabeth Masen, father-in-law to Bella Cullen and paternal grandfather to Renesmee Cullen. It is said that he was quite wealthy in his position as a successful lawyer but sadly died of the Spanish Influenza in 1918.

He is mentioned by Carlisle in New Moon.

[edit] Appearance and Personality


[edit] Family

Edward Masen Senior is the father of Edward Cullen and husband of Elizabeth Masen. He is also father-in-law to Bella Cullen and paternal grand-father to Renesmee Cullen.

[edit] Casting

It is thought that Edward Masen Senior will not be portrayed in any of the Twilight films.

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