Egyptian Coven

The Egyptian Coven are a coven of vampires, located somewhere in Egypt. It's members are:

  • Benjamin
  • Tia
  • Kebi
  • Amun (leader)

Benjamin and Tia are mates, as are Amun and Kebi.

The members of this coven are said to have no supernatural talents, all except Benjamin, who can manipulate the elements, which is extrememly rare and talented. Edward says that Amun created Benjamin knowing he was going to be special, and that he was terrified of losing him. Due to this, Amun has keeping Benjamin out of Aros sights.

It was mentioned in Breaking Dawn, when the coven decided to join the Cullens to be witnesses. Amun felt suspicious of the Cullens, and he believed them to be trying to steal his coven, after him and Carlisle had a disagreement.

They are not vegetarians, their red eyes the norm for other vampires. Bella describes them almost like a biological family, because their looks are so similar.

Rami Malek is confirmed to be playing Benjamin in the movie, Breaking Dawn. The other members have not been confirmed as of yet.

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