Elizabeth Masen

Elizabeth Masen
Died 1918
First appearance New Moon
Last appearance Loose reference in Eclipse
Daughter of Unknown
Married to Edward Masen Senior
Married name Elizabeth Masen
Species Human
Hair colour Bronze
Eye colour Emerald green
Skin colour Unknown
Family members Edward Masen Senior - Husband

Edward Cullen - Son
Bella Cullen - Daughter-in-law

Renesmee Cullen - Paternal grand-daughter

Elizabeth Masen is wife to Edward Masen Senior and biological mother to Edward Cullen. Sadly, she has died now, dying, like her husband, of the Spanish influenza in 1918. Whilst on her death bed, she was treated by a younger Carlisle in a Chicago hospital bed when begged of Carlisle: "What others cannot do, that is what you must do for my Edward." and he has always had a sneaking suspicion that Elizabeth knew he was a vampire, but he never has been sure how she would have found out or known and not been afraid.

[edit] Appearance

It is noted that Edwards creator and adoptive father, Carlisle, describes Elizabeth as having the same "emerald geen eyes" and "bronze hair" that Edward does, and this is undoubtably where he gets Edward gets these characteristics from.

[edit] Other references

Although not a direct reference, in the Eclipse (novel, or New Moon film), Edward proposes to Bella with Elizabeth's engagement ring.

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