Emmett Dale McCarty
Emmett Cullen
Died N/A
First appearance Twilight
Last appearance Breaking Dawn
Son of Unknown
Married to Rosalie Hale
Species Vampire
Created 1935 by Carlisle Cullen
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Golden (vampire)
black (when thirsty)
Skin colour Pale
Family members Rosalie Hale - Wife

Carlisle Cullen - Adoptive father
Esme Cullen - Adoptive mother
Edward Cullen - Adoptive brother
Alice Cullen - Adoptive sister
Jasper Hale - Adoptive brother
Bella Cullen - Adoptive sister-in-law

Renesmee Cullen - Adoptive niece
Loyalty Olympic Coven

Emmett Cullen is a vampire and another of the Cullen main characters in the Twilight Saga. He and Rosalie are very much in love and are quite inseperable. In Midnight Sun, Edward even thinks of their love as sickening.

In 1935, human Emmett was mauled by a bear leaving him as good as dead, however, Rosalie found him and carried him over a hundred miles back to her adoptive father, Carlisle, who turned Emmett into a vampire - which saved his life. Rosalie said it took nearly all of her strength not to kill Emmett and that is why she took him to Carlisle, as he can withstand blood a lot easier than all of the other Cullens.


[edit] Appearance and Personality

Emmett is very tall (the tallest of the Cullens) and bulky. He is the strongest out of all of the Cullens and it certainly shows; although, he can never become more or less muscular, as the body of a vampire can not change in this way. Despite this, Emmett is very playful and friendly and loves to have joke. He shows this several times, for example; when he jokes with Edward Breaking Dawn about the "going ons" the night before (Edward and Bella's first night together as vampires) and in the film New Moon on Bella's 18th birthday when Emmett jests about Edward "dating an older woman". Bella thinks of Emmett as fun-loving and describes him as an almost "big-brother". However, to the other students at Forks High, he is very intimidating and most just avoid him all together, but that happens to the rest of the Cullens also. He's very stubborn and does not like to lose fights (play or real), especially when it comes to strength, as is shown in Breaking Dawn when he loses an arm wrestling match to new-born vampire, Bella. This also shows his hot-headedness, as he is willing to jump the gun and fight right away, as he always suggests is the answer (when fighting James, Victoria and the Seattle Newborn Army and even the Volturi.

[edit] Abilities

Ofcourse, Emmett has all of the basic vampiric abilities, some of which include speed, agility, gracefulness and durability, but Emmett is especially strong, and this is his "special power".

[edit] Family

Emmett with his family.
Rosalie Hale is Emmett's wife, Alice and Edward Cullen and Jasper Hale are his adoptive siblings, his adoptive mother and father are Esme and Carlisle Cullen. He is also adoptive brother-in-law to Bella Cullen and adoptive uncle to Renesmee Cullen.

[edit] Enemies

Any enemy of the Cullen's is an enemy of Emmett as it is the Olympic Coven he is loyal to. This includes James in Twilight, Victoria in Eclipse and the Volturi in Breaking Dawn.

[edit] Casting

Kellan Lutz plays the character of Emmett in Twilight and will continue to do so in Eclipse.

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