Esme Cullen

Esme Cullen
Esme Cullen
Died N/A
First appearance Twilight
Last appearance Breaking Dawn
Daughter of Unknown
Married to Charles Evenson (deceased)
Carlisle Cullen
Married name Esme Anne Evenson
Esme Cullen
Species Vampire
Created 1921 by Carlisle Cullen
Hair colour Caramel
Eye colour Golden (vampire)
Black (when thirsty)
Skin colour Pale
Family members Charles Evenson - Ex-husband (deceased)

Carlisle Cullen - Husband
Biological child - Son (deceased) Edward Cullen - Adoptive son
Emmett Cullen - Adoptive son
Alice Cullen - Adoptive daughter
Rosalie Hale - Adoptive daughter
Jasper Hale - Adoptive son
Bella Cullen - Adoptive daughter-in-law

Renesmee - Grand-daughter
Loyalty Olympic Coven

Esme Cullen, born Esme Anne Platt in 1895 is the mother-figure of the Cullen family's Olympic Coven. She is a vampire who feeds on the blood of animals only which makes her one of the few vegetarian vampires in the world of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga.

Esme with mate and husband, Carlisle Cullen.
Not much is known about her early human life, but it is said that she abandoned her dream of moving away from her over-bearing parents to become a teacher, but succumbed to their will and married Charles Evenson at the young age of 22. She quickly found out that her husband was very abusive, but clever about it, and she never said to anyone - she wanted to be a good wife. He went away to war for a year though, and when he came back, he continued to abuse her, so she ran away, only to find a couple of days later she was pregnant with his child. Nine months later, her new-born son brought her so much happiness, but he suddenly died within a couple of days. Drawn into a deep depression, Emse threw herself off of the top of a cliff, and was pronounced dead. When taken to the morgue, however, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, who had known Esme as a child, found that her heart was still beating, but she was dying, so he turned her into a vampire.


[edit] Appearance and Personality

Like all other vampires, Esme is extremely beautiful and pale. She is described to have the same perfect features and dark purple circles under her eyes like the rest of the Cullens. Because she is a vegetarian (a vampire who survives on animal blood instead of humans) she has eyes of a golden colour, which darker to black when she is thirsty, which usually takes about 2 weeks. Her hair is of a caramel colour and her face is said to reflect her personality. She's a very warm and kind hearted person with a lot of love for anyone and everyone. Those close to her, she loves passionately and becomes a mothering figure to the whole of her family, even though she's not blood related to any of them, and some of her relatives are older than herself.

[edit] Abilities

Along with all of the usual abilities a vampire acquires upon their transition, Esme is also able to love more compassionately than most others. This is thought of as a huge strength in the series, and she is seen as the "rock" of the family that keeps everyone else together.

[edit] Family

Esme has a large family whom she loves very dearly, which consists of her husband, Carlisle Cullen, her adoptive sons and daughters Rosalie and Jasper Hale and Emmett, Alice and Edward Cullen. In Breaking Dawn, she acquires two new additions to her family, Bella Cullen who marries Edward and their daughter, Renesmee Cullen.

[edit] Enemies

Esme has no known personal enemies in the series, although she would give her life to protect anyone she loves, and is very loyal to the Olympic Coven, so would defend it to her death.

[edit] Casting

Elizabeth Reaser is lucky enough to play Esme in Twilight and New Moon and shall reprise her role for the following two novel's film adaptations.

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