Forks High

Forks High School
Forks High School, home of the Spartans
Notable locations Cafeteria

Parking lot



Forks High School is real place school in Forks, Washington, written about by fantasy author Stephenie Meyer as where Bella Swan and the Cullen Family all pretend to be of age to attend. It is the scene for most of the chapters of Twilight, New Moon and some of Eclipse, most of which take place in the cafeteria, car park or in Bella's classes. It is also where Bella converses with the likes of her friends: Mike Newton, Jessica, Angela and Eric Yorkie.

During the novel Twilight, all of the Cullen "children" go to the small school, but in New Moon however, Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper are said to have graduated, but in the 2009 film interpretation, Jasper was still on the screen.

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