Forks Hospital

Forks Hospital
Carlisle Cullen is the driving force behind Forks hospital
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Forks hospital is a real place school in Forks, Washington. It only appears once in the whole of the Twilight Saga and this is when Bella Swan almost gets run over by Tyler's truck. Luckily for her though, Edward Cullen stops the van from crushing her just in time, and she walks away from the hospital with little more than a couple of scratches.

It is said by Charlie Swan, Chief of police at Forks, that the little town is very lucky to have a surgeon as talented as Carlisle Cullen work at the hospital. Dr. Cullen enjoys his work at the hospital very much and said to Bella in New Moon that one of the things he likes best about being a doctor is the people he's able to save that any other regular doctor couldn't.

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