Garrett was a nomad, travelling America. He joined the Denali Coven after the confrontation with the Volturi.

Garrett was called to witness for the Cullen family when confronted by the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. It is implied that he was created around the time of the American Revolutionary War.

Though without special talent, Garrett enjoyed challenges. He was intrigued by the Cullens and the Denali Coven's lifestyle of drinking animal blood instead of human blood.

While in the company of the witnesses, he challenged Kate to test her power on him. She was successful in making him fall on his knees in pain. He later told Aro that he believed abstaining from human blood can be aid powerfully in vampire bonding.

Garrett was described as a tall, rangy vampire with eager ruby eyes and long sandy hair tied back in a ponytail with a leather tie.

He will be played by Lee Pace in the Breaking Dawn movie.

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