Huilen is a South American vampire. She was turned by her nephew Nahuel who was a hybrid. Nahuel is her sister Pire's child.

[edit] Appearance

She is described as having olive skin and dark hair, braided along her back.

[edit] History

She looked after her sister, Pire, as she was pregnant with Nahuel. She hunted and brought back animal blood for Pire to drink, keeping her slightly healthy through her rough pregnancy. When Pire requested that Hulien look after Nahuel as her dying wish, Hulien accepted, only to be bitten by Nahuel moments after he was born, and turned into a vampire. She continued to care for him, like she promised. Huilen and Nahuel both reside in the mountains of Chile.

[edit] Breaking Dawn

She and Nahuel both came to witness for the Cullens at Alice and Jasper's request, giving her account of Nahuel's grisly birth. After the Volturi left, she stayed behind with her nephew during celebration and was one of the last to leave with Nahuel.

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