Died December of 2006
First appearance Breaking Dawn
Last appearance Breaking Dawn (Only reference)
Daughter of Sasha
Mate Laurent (deceased)
Species Vampire
Created Unknown date by Sasha
Hair colour Silver blond
Eye colour Golden (vampire
Black (when thirsty)
Skin colour Pale
Family members Sasha - Mother (deceased)

Laurent - Mate (deceased)
Tanya - Sister
Kate - Sister
Vasilii - Brother (deceased)
Garrett - Coven mate
Carmen - Coven mate

Eleazar - Coven mate
Loyalty Denali Coven

Irina is a fictional character written into the Twilight Saga by American author, Stephenie Meyer. Irina is one of the only known vegetarian vampire's in the world and one of the original members of the Denali Coven. She has two sisters Kate and Tanya and once had a baby brother called Vasilii, but he was killed along with their mother. She fell in love with a vampire by the name of Laurent, and when he was killed by the La Push shape-shifters, she became bitter toward the wolf-like people and the Cullens because of their apparent friendliness. In Breaking Dawn, it seems that Irina came to visit the Cullens, (this may be to apologize for not coming to Bella and Edward Cullen's wedding or for giving their coven the "cold shoulder" since Laurents death, but the official reason has not been stated). Whilst travelling in the forest to the Cullens residence in Forks, Washington, Irina spotted Renesmee out hunting with her mother and Jacob Black, a shape-shifter. After this, she went straight to the Volturi to inform them of the supposed "immortal child" she had just witnessed in the forest. Renesmee is though, a half human, half vampire hybrid, and so when the Volturi discovered that Irina had given them false information, she was executed on the spot by Caius.

Irina, Tanya and Kate were orphaned when the Volturi found out about Vasilii being an immortal child. Sasha, their mother had created the child vampire and kept it hidden from the sisters. When the Volturi finally killed her, she was burned to death with Vasilii in her arms, with her daughters watching.


[edit] Appearance and Personality

As all vampires in the Twilight Saga, she has all of the usual pale skin, incomparable beauty, dark purple circles around her eyes and icy cold skin, which, as always, is comparable to marble. She has golden coloured eyes (as she is one of very few vegetarians in the series) which darken to a black when she becomes thirsty.

In Breaking Dawn, she betrays the Cullens by telling the Volturi that Renesmee (the human-vampire hybrid) is an immortal child. This suggests that Irina has a vengeful personality, or at least became this way because of the loss of her mate, Laurent.

[edit] Abilities

Although Irina has no special personal abilities, she does however own the basic vampiric abilities, which include super human strength, impeccable speed, and exquisite grace.

[edit] Family

Irina's original family consisted of mother Sasha, sisters Tanya and Kate and her baby brother, Vasilii. Garrett, Carmen and Eleazar have also joined the Denali Coven since the death of Irina's mother and brother.

[edit] Enemies

The death of her mate, Laurent, cause Irina to become extremely begrudging towards the shape-shifters and the Cullens they associated with. This was the main reason behind Irina turning in Renesmee as an immortal child even though she isn't).

[edit] Casting

It is unknown who shall be portraying Irina in the upcoming film Breaking Dawn.

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