Died 16 March, 2005
First appearance Twilight
Last appearance Twilight (death)
Son of Unknown
Mate Victoria
Species Vampire
Created Unknown
Hair colour Light brown (in novel)
Blond (in film)
Eye colour Red (vampire)
Black (when thirsty)
Skin colour Pale
Family members Victoria - Mate
Laurent - Coven mate
Loyalty James' Coven

James is the "head" vampire of his coven and is only seen in the first of the quadruplet of books written by Stephenie Meyer. He is first introduced during the baseball scene of Twilight where he enters with Victoria (his mate) and Laurent. After introducing himself to the Cullens, he "smells out" Bella as a human, and the hunting for her begins. Edward and the rest of his family do their best to hide Bella away from James, but he finally tricks her into meeting with him, alone. The Olympic coven do finally come to her rescue though, and after James has tortured and bitten Bella, (releasing a toxin into her blood which begins the process of her becoming a vampire,) Alice, Emmett and Jasper rip James into pieces and set him alight (which is the only way to kill a vampire).

In the following two books, Victoria tries to avenge James' death by plotting to kill Bella, Edward, and the rest of their coven, but ails in doing so.


[edit] Appearance and Personality

James was described as having nothing remarkable about him at all by Bella Swan. His eyes, like most vampires are a red colour, which darken to black when he becomes thirsty although they are described as burgundy in the book. He has light blond/brown hair that is cut short and tied back but Cam Gigandet his hair long in the film interpretation. He wears light blue jeans with a white shirt and in the Twilight film, he steals a leather jacket from one of his kills.

[edit] Abilities

James has all the usual vampiric abilities, speed, strength, durability etc. but he also has a sort of "sixth sense" when it came to tracking, his creul favourite hobby and game to play.

[edit] Family

Nothing is known about James' creation or blood family, but Victoria is his mate, and Laurent is anothe member of his coven.

[edit] Enemies

Although James tracks down Bella and traps her for his own meal, she is not an enemy to him, just a pawn in his sadistic game.

[edit] Casting

Cam Gigandet played James' in the movie potrayal of Twilight (film).

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