James' Coven

James' Coven
Last appearance Twilight (James is killed)
Species Vampire
Allies Unknown
Enemies Olympic Coven
Coven members James



James's Coven was only seen in the first installment of the Twilight Saga as this is the book where the leader, James, dies and the other members disperse from eachother. The coven is compised of James, his mate, Victoria and their covenmate Laurent.

From left to right: James, Laurent and Victoria.
Victoria was very loyal to the coven and her mate, James. This is shown in the way that after his death to the Cullen family, she went after them for revenge, focusing in on their weakest link, Bella Swan, their human companion. In comparison however, Laurent was not very loyal, to the coven, as when he saw a fight was going to break out between James and the Cullen's, he fled away to the Denali Coven. Although, he and Victoria must have stayed in contact however, because in New Moon, he comes back to Forks to check up on Bella and the Cullens for Victoria. However, he is killed there by the La Push shape-shifters.

[edit] Members

(In chronological order of joining)

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