Jasper Hale

Jasper Hale
Jasper Hale
Died N/A
First appearance Twilight
Last appearance Breaking Dawn
Son of Unknown
Married to Alice Cullen
Species Vampire
Created 1863 by Maria
Hair colour Honey blond
Eye colour Golden (vampire)
Black (when thirsty)
Skin colour Pale
Family members Alice Cullen - Wife

Carlisle Cullen - Adoptive father
Esme Cullen - Adoptive mother
Rosalie Hale - Adoptive twin
Edward Cullen - Adoptive brother
Emmett Cullen - Adoptive brother
Bella Cullen - Adoptive sister-in-law

Renesmee Cullen - Adoptive niece
Loyalty Olympic Coven

Jasper Hale is another of the fictional Cullen males created by Stephenie Meyer in the series Twilight. Throughout the saga, the it is obvious that Jasper is more shy around humans than any of the other Cullens, as he was "turned" most recently and it is harder for him to resist the blood of humans (he is a "vegetarian" and all of the Olympic Coven are) and so this strains his relationship with Bella Swan, his adoptive brothers human girlfriend. He is married to Alice Cullen, another vampire in the same coven and has an extra vampiric ability to feel what other can feel and manipulate their emotions too.

In Eclipse, we find out that before Jasper met Alice and the Cullens, he was a major in the Confederate Army in Texas. One night however, a vampire named Maria turned Jasper into a vampire so that he would govern her newborn army in the Southern Vampire Wars.


[edit] Appearance and Personality

Jasper, like all of the Cullen family has golden / topaz coloured eyes that darken to a black when he becomes thirsty and like all other vampires, he has pale skin, purple "bruise like" circles around his eyes, and is icy cold to the touch. He has sandy golden hair to match his iris' and is quite tall, standing at 6'3". He is rather muscular, but is slender despite this.

Jasper finds it harder than the other Cullens to resist human blood.
He is seen to be a shy man in Twilight, but in Midnight Sun (Meyer's unrealeased and unpublished book, the reader finds out that he isn't shy at all, he just finds it harder to resist blood than the other Cullen family members.

[edit] Abilities

Jasper has all the usual basic vampiric abilities, like any Cullen or vampire; a couple of which include: super strength; lightening fast speed; general durability and hightened sight, hearing, smell and taste. He also has the special ability of empathy - he can feel what others feel and he can also change the mood of the people in the room. For example; in the film New Moon, he makes Bella feel more happy and relaxed when talking about her birthday, rather than her being stressed and embarassed.

[edit] Family

As of Breaking Dawn, Jasper is husband to Alice Cullen, adoptive son of Esme and Carlisle Cullen, adoptive brother of Edward and Emmett Cullen, adoptive twin to Rosalie Hale, sister-in law to Bella Swan and uncle to Renesmee Cullen.

[edit] Enemies

He doesn't not have any personal enemies that we know of, but enemies of the Cullens are enemies of the whole coven.

[edit] Casting

In the films Twilight and New Moon, Jackson Rathbone plays Jasper.

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