Jessica Stanley

Jessica Stanley is a friend of Bella's, and plays a minor role in the series.

She was a classmate of Bella's and her first friend in Forks, on her first day, she filled Bella in on the Cullens in the school's cafeteria. She tends to be more interested in Bella's popularity than her actual character, and is sometimes jealous of Mike's affections toward Bella. She also took both Spanish and Trigonometry with Bella during their Junior year.

Jessica became an even minor character throughout the series as she became friendly with Lauren Mallory, (a character not included in the movies), and Bella drifted away from her. Though, Jessica and Bella made up at graduation and she was invited to the Cullens' graduation party, and later, Bella and Edward's wedding, with Mike as her date.

[edit] Appearance

She has very curly, dark brown hair and blue eyes, and described as having a slightly pale skin tone, a result of living in the less sunnier Forks.

[edit] Relationships

She is in an on-again-off-again relationship with Mike Newton, who, after noticing that Bella never would date him, settled for her. They broke up sometime, but remained friends. At Bella and Edward's wedding, she is mentioned to have gotten back together with Mike, though he still has inappropriate thoughts for Bella.

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