Died 4 March, 2006
First appearance Twilight
Last appearance New Moon (Died)
Son of Unknown
Mate Irina
Species Vampire
Created 1700's
Hair colour Dark
Eye colour Red (vampire)
Black (when thirsty)
Skin colour Olive (in novel)
Dark (in film)
Family members Irina - Mate

James - Coven mate
Victoria - Coven mate
Tanya - Coven mate
Kate - Coven mate
Carmen - Coven mate

Eleazar - Coven mate
Loyalty James' Coven
Denali Coven

Laurent is a nomadic vampire who was first met in the story of Twilight during the baseball game where he was a member of James' Coven. After James was killed, Laurent disbanded from Victoria and joined the vegetarian Denali Coven in Alaska. He died on March 4th 2006, though, after an encounter with Bella, in New Moon during which he was killed by the shape-shifting wolves because of his threat of an attack on Bella.


[edit] Appearance and Personality

Even though Laurent was part of the vegetarian coven, he still cheated and drank the blood of humans, which we can tell by his scarlet coloured eyes which turn to a black colour when he becomes hungry. In the books, he is described as tall, with long dark hair and olive skin, although in the films Twilight and New Moon, he was shown very different to his book counterpart, as Edi Gathegi is dark skinned and had dreadlocks.

[edit] Abilities

Laurent only had the basic abilities belonging to a vampire, some including speed, strength and durability.

[edit] Family

We do not know of any blood relations to Laurent, although he and Irina fell in love during his stay with the Denalis. He was also coven mates with Victoria and James and then Kate, Garrett, Carmen, Eleazar and Tanya of the Denali coven.

[edit] Enemies

As a nomadic vampire, Laurent does not have any known enemies. Although he does a scout for Bella and the Cullens for Victoria, they are not classed as rivals.

[edit] Casting

In the films Twilight and New Moon, Edi Gathegi plays Laurent, and appears different to the novels descriptions, as he is dark skinned as opposed to olive toned.

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