Pire was a human, Hulien's sister, and mother to Nahuel. The name 'Pire' meant snow on the mountains in Mapuche.

[edit] History

Pire was born into the Mapuche tribe about 150 years ago, and was known for being incredibly beautiful.

Unfortunately, she attracted the attention of the vampire Joham, who seduced her and impregnated her with their son, Nahuel. Joham believed he was creating a super-race, and only wanted to use Pire to have another child.

Pire told her sister she was pregnant, and the two ran away because they both knew their people, even their own parents, would kill both mother and child. Pire, not knowing Joham had abandoned her, searched for him, but couldn't find him. Hulien hunted for her, and Pire drank the blood of the animals she caught.

Despite the pain and harm her unborn son was putting her through, Pire never stopped loving him. She named him Nahuel, after the jungle cat of South America, because he was so strong. When Nahuel had grown enough, he tore himself free from Pire's womb. Pire, in her last moments, begged Hulien to raise him. Hulien agreed to do so, and Pire died.

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