Rachel Black

Rachel Black is a member of the Quileute tribe, the older sister of Jacob Black, the twin sister of Rebecca Black and the daughter of Sarah and Billy Black. After her mother died in a car crash, Rachel received a scholarship to Washington State and moved away from her father and brother. In Breaking Dawn, however, she has finished her degree and moved back to La Push, where she was imprinted on by Paul.

After graduating early from Washington State college, Rachel moved back to La Push to live with her father and younger brother. She was unaware of the existence of shape-shifters and Billy and Jacob were fully prepared to conceal the secret from her, but then Rachel met Paul at First Beach and he imprinted on her, making her eligible to know about the shape-shifters' existence. Though Paul is four years younger than her, Jacob describes their relationship as "love at first sight".

Rachel cares a lot for her younger brother, as she would rather continue sleeping on an air mattress than see Jacob leave, according to Billy. It is assumed that she cares a lot for Rebecca too, as they are twin sisters. Billy loves Rachel dearly as he accepted Paul into his house, Paul being the only reason Rachel stayed in La Push for so long.

Though she is mentioned a few times in Twilight, New Moon and at the start of book 2 of Breaking Dawn, she has no physical role in the series.

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