Renée Dwyer (née Higgenbotham, formerly Swan) was born to Marie Higgenbotham and her husband. She is Phil Dwyer's wife the ex-wife of Charlie Swan, the mother of Bella Swan, the mother-in-law of Edward Cullen, and the grandmother of Renesmee Cullen. She currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband Phil.

Bella describes her as being very eccentric, an experimental chef, forgetful, and very perceptive. She also looks a lot like her daughter. She has short brown hair, innocent, childish blue eyes and a round face full of laugh lines. According Bella, she is more like the mother and Renée the child.

Edward and Bella went to visit her in Eclipse, and there, Renée expressed concerns about the intesity of Edward and Bella's relationship, and thought there was some big secret she was missing out on. Bella panicked, forgetting that her mother was naturally perceptive, and laughed it off, blaming her mother for reading sci-fi and romance novels.

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