Riley was the first vampire created by Victoria when she formed an army to attack the Cullen family and Bella. He got Bella's scent for the newborns, and was the one that led the Seattle newborn army. Riley was told by Victoria that she loved him, but this was just a lie to get him to be on her side.

During the invasion, he stayed with Victoria and was killed by Seth Clearwater during the battle between the Cullens and the army. He acted as the secondary antagonist in Eclipse and was always in the presence of his "mate", Victoria, the main antagonist of both New Moon and Eclipse.

[edit] Appearance

Riley is described as being around Bella's age when he was changed, with vivid red eyes and shining blond hair, brown in the film. He was muscular, tall and handsome and used his newfound vampire strength with little tact, like most newborns.

[edit] Film Portrayal

Xavier Samuel was cast as Riley in the film Eclipse.

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