Romanian Coven

The Romanian Coven are enemies of the Volturi, described by Jacob as Dracula One and Dracula Two.

It members are Stefan and Vladimir, and they arrived uninvited at the Cullens house to witness for Renesmee. They seemed especially disapointed when there was no fight, as they were hoping to exact revenge on the Volturi after they destoryed the rest of their coven in the very early middle ages.

Stefan and Vladimir are described as being slight and short, very pale and their skin has the same powdery texture as that of the Volturi, though not as pronounced. They also have dark burgundy eyes because they aren't vegetarians. Stefan's hair is dark and Vladimir's so ashy blond that it looks pale grey. They wear simple black clothes that appear modern but are in reality of a more ancient design.

Stefan and Vladimir do not have any supernatural talents.

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