Southern Vampire Wars

The Southern Vampire Wars have an unknown start date but most likely in the late 16th century given Jasper's description of "Your histories blame the sudden decline on disease". It began when a vampire name Benito created the first newborn army. Jasper Hale became involved in the later half of the 19th century.

The Southern Vampire Wars centered around Puebla, Mexico City, where Benito had amassed his army. Soon after, the Volturi arrived, fearing the exposure this might lead to and executed him, effectively ending the war.

[edit] LATER

Using his idea, Maria, along with her "sisters" Lucy and Nettie, started her own army, turning Jasper, Peter, Charlotte and many others into vampires along the way. Maria quickly made Jasper her army's commander when he developed his special ability, empathy. Because the last war caused an entire army to be slaughtered, the armies fought in more careful conditions to avoid detection by the Volturi. However, this tactic is still in use, and Victoria adopted it in her attempt to destroy the Cullens.

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