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Nice to see you took an interest in the Twilight NeoWiki, Argetgarm. I pm'd you everything I wanted to say, but just to recap quickly. Your edits were good, you had some good content, especially on the Carlisle page. It does seem you need help with the links and layout and general wiki edits, etc. But I'm willing to help and teach you if you would like. Thanks for contributing! See you around. ~ Dannie

You should make a page about Twilight Hate. *inster 4chan smilie here* Mia 01:13, 12 January 2010 (UTC)

Gosh Dannie, next time you're talking to someone, put it on their user page (Example) so they'll get a PM, or just send them a PM. ~ Mr. Sexy

I pwn'd you in the GD, Max. So stfu :3
And thanks, SO much Mia. Means a lot :P ~ Dannie