Tanya is portrayed as the 'leader' of the Denali vampire coven. Like the Cullens, this family (which they refer to themselves as) only feed off animal blood, and not humans'.

Kate, Irina, Carmen, and Eleazar are the other members of this family, going into Breaking Dawn. Tanya is the leader, since their mother, Sasha was killed by the Volturi.

Tanya has blonde hair, and has no special vampiric powers, unlike her sister, Kate. She had somewhat of a crush on Edward Cullen before we met her, and this makes Bella jealous, since Tanya is a beautiful vampire. Tanya first appears at the wedding in Breaking Dawn, and then later on in the novel when all the vampires come together to defend Renesmee. At first, she thinks Renesmee is an Immortal Child, as does Kate. They fear this greatly because of what happened to their mother, Sasha. However, they agree to defend her when they realize she is not an Immortal Child.

Although the last book is the only place where we meet Tanya, she and the rest of her coven are referenced to many times in earlier books. For example, her family was the one Edward went to stay with when he ran away from Bella in Twilight.

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