Twilight (novel)

Twilight front cover
Release date October 5, 2005
Preceeded by N/A
Succeeded by New Moon
ISBN ISBN 978-1-904233-65-7

Twilight is the first installment of the fantasy romance books written by American author Stephenie Meyer. It follows young girl Bella Swan through her first (half a year) at Forks High, in Washington. After her first, and very strange with Edward Cullen, she becomes completely obsessed and infactuated with him, until finally, the pair fall in love and she discovers his dark secret - he and his family are vampires!

During a family game of baseball, a group of "bad" nomadic vampires come across the field they're playing in and ask to join in. Edward instinctively hides Bella away, as these unfamiliar vampires drink human blood, and James, the "leader" of the group seeks out Bella for his next meal. The Cullen family wouldn't let this happen ofcourse though, and so stows Bella away to hometown Phoenix, however, when locked in a hotel room with Alice and Jasper (two of the Cullen family), Bella recieves a call from James, where she hears her mother,Renée, calling out for her help and James tells her to meet him at her old Ballet studio .. or else.

At the first chance she gets, in an airport loo, whilst waiting for Edward to arrive to greet her off the plane, she makes a break from Alice and Jasper, heads for a taxi and then leaves for the Ballet studio where James had told her to go. When she gets there however, she realises it was all a hoax, and that her mothers voice was just a recording of Bella wth her mother when she was just a child.

James was there though. He enjoyed tracking her down and fooling her into coming to the studio, after tormenting her for a while with a video camera, he starts to harm her, to film her reaction for Edward. He throws her against a mirror, breaks her leg, and then sinks his fangs into her wrist and begins to drink.

However, he is interrupted by Edward, who crashes in to save the day. After a bit of ruff and tumble between the pair, the rest of the family catch up and "take care" of James by ripping his body up into pieces and burning them, which is the only way to kill a vampire.

Bella, though, with the vampire venom now coursing through her veins from the bite, was in lots of pain, and Edward had to decide weither to let it carry on to go around her body and make her become a vampire herself, or to suck out the venom and to keep her a human.

He decides upon the latter and Bella wakes up in a hospital bed. Edward and Bella talk about what happened back at the studio, and Edward says that his life is too dangerous, and that the two of them should not be together, but Bella disagrees and makes him promise he will never leave her.

Bella still has a broken leg, but Alice (Edwards sister) helps Bella fit into a lovely dress for her prom, which she goes to with Edward. Whilst they're dancing, Bella asks Edward to change her into a vampire, as it is the only way they can be together with no risk of Bella being in any immediate danger. Edward rejects her offer though.

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