Died Unknown
First appearance Breaking Dawn (mentioned)
Last appearance Breaking Dawn (mentioned)
Son of Sasha
Species Vampire
[Immortal child]]
Created Unknown date by Sasha
Hair colour Unknown
Eye colour Red (vampire)

Golden (vegetarian)

Black (when thirsty)
Skin colour Pale
Family members Sasha - Mother (deceased)

Tanya - Sister
Kate - Sister

Irina - Sister (deceased)
Loyalty Denali Coven

Vasilii was born during the plague of the Immortal Children and is an immortal child. Sasha created Vasilii when he was still a very young child, and at this age, children do not have the self control to be able to resist human blood. Because of this, the risk of exposure to humans and the creation of an Immortal Child became a danger to the vampire race, and so it was seen as a crime to turn a child at this age. This is why the Volturi (who take it upon themselves to enforce the vampiric "laws") had to execute Vasilii and the woman who created him.

Vasilii is still viewed as a part of the Denali Coven, even though when he was still alive, his three sisters were unaware of his existence. This was deliberate by Sasha. She did not want her daughters to get into trouble for what she had done, as she knew it would catch up with her one day. This is why Sasha was burnt alive with Vasilii in her arms but the three girls (Tanya, Kate and Irina) were spared by the Volturi Coven.

[edit] Family

Vasilii was created by Sasha, and he is referred to as her son. When he was alive, he also had three sisters called Tanya, Kate and Irina: but he never got to meet them and vice-versa.

[edit] Casting

It is unknown whether Vasilii will be portrayed in the upcoming film Breaking Dawn.

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