Marcus (Volturi) has red eyes because he drinks human blood.
A vegetarian vampire is very rare in the vampiric world. A "normal" vampire will drink the blood of humans, where as a "vegetarian" will not, and drinks the blood of animals to survive. In the eyes of the Cullens atleast, it is more civilised to drink animal blood than making humans their meal targets. The term "vegetarian" was first coined by the Cullens as what Edward describes to Bella as an "inside joke". The diet of a vegetarian is seen as very strange to other vampires as it is just thought of as the "norm" to drink human blood, and since the urge to feast on human blood becomes so strong - in Midnight Sun, Edward describes the feeling as a severe burning inside his throat. Vampires who drink the blood of humans have red eyes (Marcus of the Volturi, for example), which turn black when they beome thirsty, however, vampires who drink the blood of animals tend to have gold coloured eyes, which become black as the thirst grows. However, it is said that a new-born vampire could have red eyes for up to a year after transformation because of all of the human blood still present in the body even if they start off on a vegetarian diet, like Bella Cullen did and this is why Bella Cullen has red eyes in the book Breaking Dawn.

[edit] Known vegetarians

The Olympic Coven and the Denali Coven are known vegetarians in the Twilight Saga written by Stephenie Meyer. Members of the covens that are vegetarians include:

Carlisle has golden coloured eyes because he drinks the blood of animals rather than humans.

For a limited period of time:

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