Died 15 June, 2006
First appearance Twilight
Last appearance Eclipse (death)
Daughter of Unknown
Mate James
Species Vampire
Created Unknown
Hair colour Bright red / brilliant orange
Eye colour Red (vampire)
Black (when thirsty)
Skin colour Pale
Family members James - Mate

Riley - "Mate"

Laurent - Coven mate
Loyalty James' Coven
Seattle new-born army

Victoria is a female vampire that we first meet in the movie and book Twilight where she is part of James' Coven. In New Moon and Eclipse she becomes a nomadic vampire because of the death of her mate, James. James is killed by the Cullen Family, which is why Victoria would die to kill Bella; and in a sense, she does.

When a vampires mate is killed, a personal brand is made upon the killer, but Victoria knows that the best way to hurt Edward Cullen is not to kill him but to kill his human girlfriend, Bella Swan. She makes many schemes to murder the 18 year old, her final one including creating a new born vampire army with the intention of finishing off Bella and the Cullens once and for all. She was however killed that day at the hand of Edward.


[edit] Appearance and Personality

Victoria has long, wild red hair and brilliant red eyes that turn black when she is thirsty for blood. She was described as having feline air to her by Bella, as all her movements were intricate and precise and the way she moved with the utmost grace. She is seen as vengeful to the readers of the series, because of her vendetta against Bella.

[edit] Abilities

As well as owning the basic vampiric abilities, Edward also notices that somehow Victoria has a way of avoiding harm, and does what is needed to stay alive, an sees this as her own special ability.

[edit] Family

James is Victorias' mate in Twilight, and when she returns for the last time in Eclipse, she has a "new" mate called Riley.

[edit] Enemies

Because of James' slaying, the Cullen family have always been a target for Victoria, but she always seems to focus on Bella and Edward.

[edit] Casting

In the movies of Twilight and New Moon, Rachelle Lefevre (right) plays Victoria, but shall be replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard (left) for Victoria's biggest, most important and last part of the saga in Eclipse.

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