Volterra, Italy

Volterra, Italy
Notable locations Town Square
Hall of the Volturi
The reigning force of the vampire world, the Volturi, reside in Volterra.
Volterra, Italy. (Click to enlarge)
Volterra is a real place in Tuscany, Italy. In the Twilight series, it is the place that the Volturi coven have taken a permanent residence. Volterra is said to be a beautiful city that brings awe to an any architects eyes. The ancient coven of vampires live in an underground set of secret passages that no-one but the coven and the world of vampires know about.

Hunting is forbidden in the city, as keeping the people of Volterra oblivious to who really lives in their city is paramount, which is working out very nicely - as seen in New Moon.

In the second book and film of the Twilight Saga, the city of Volterra is seen celebrating Saint Marcus Day, an annual festival, held (mostly) in the main square. The event is to remember how St. Marcus supposedly drove all vampires away from the city. However, this legend is false, as St. Marcus is in fact Marcus of the Volturi. This created a great cover story for the coven to take residence there, and so the city has become one of the safest for vampires to live in.

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